Congratulations, you just sold your house, but you’ve not found a new residence and are currently in housing limbo. Your next task is figuring out what to do with all your possessions while between properties. Luckily there’s a options when it comes to storage solutions, but it’s also a good idea to know what should and shouldn’t go into storage while packing and preparing items to move.

If your temporary residence is unfurnished, such as an apartment or rental, than moving furniture, kitchen items and clothing can be moved into this space for no additional charge, but if there’s not enough room for everything, than placing the following items into storage is a good idea:

  • Tools, garage and lawn equipment
  • Seasonal items (clothes, decorations)
  • Books
  • Extra furniture
  • Toys

Never place perishable foods, including pet food, into storage as it can lead to mold and give everything an unpleasant smell. Additionally, avoid placing electronics and valuables into storage. Know what to put, or not put, in storage is important, but so is choosing the right storage solution.


A popular choice is a POD because they can be delivered to a property, loaded, then taken to a temperature-controlled building for storage until you’re ready for delivery at a new address.

Temporary storage center

If you’re not planning to move far from the original address, than a local storage facility may be a great and affordable option. These businesses offer a wide range of sizes and sometimes temperature-controlled options. Before leasing a unit, make sure to find out what can and cannot be stored in the unit, as well as how long the leases last. Some may be willing to rent a space for as short as a month, whereas others may require a few months as a minimum.

A moving truck

If you don’t believe your transition will be long, then its possible that leaving belongings in a moving truck or van is a viable option. This could work for those who may only be between living situations for a week or two, but unlike a POD or storage facility, it may not be the most secure option.

Before finalizing a storage solution, make sure it meets your needs, fits within your budget and your belongings can be accessed if necessary, and when packing, double check the items going into storage are not items you’ll need while living in a temporary space.