In the cartoon, The Jetson’s, their home was nearly fully automated to perform tasks for the family in an effort to keep them safe, clean and organized. While society hasn’t reached the point where everyone can have their own Rosie robot, many homes now have several automation and smart devices. Some of the most popular smart devices found in homes include locks, lights, thermostats and cameras. But, do smart homes and devices make a home’s value increase, or more attractive to buyers? A 2016 National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) survey breaks down how important these elements are to potential buyers.


When it comes to what types of smart home devices home buyers find most important, security topped the list at 51 percent. Within security, 37 percent of found smart locks to be very important, followed by cameras at 32 percent. Each of these elements can be purchased online or at a home improvement store, and depending upon the brand and type of device, many can be installed without the need of a professional.


At 45 percent, the second most important function home buyers look for in smart home devices are elements that protect privacy. Security cameras, which also partner with home security are an easy function that can installed on a home, either by the homeowner or through a third-party. This small investment could bring a fair return to buyers looking for additional peace of mind.

Cost savings

Home automation devices that help reduce costs were the third highest ranking category in the NAR survey at 44 percent. Installing a smart thermostat and lights are great ways to help save energy and money. Both of these can be controlled by an app on a smartphone, and be set to heat up the home or turn on the lights at certain times of day, or make sure all lights are off after everyone leaves.

There is no definitive evidence that homes with smart devices, like locks, cameras, lighting and thermostats will increase a home’s overall value, but there is a small upward trend of homeowners who find these elements important. When buying a home with smart devices, its critical to make sure instructions and login details are passed on so the new owner can enjoy the safety and security features without a lot of hassle.